Connecting to a Verizon Hotspot-2020 Device

HOW TO: Connect to Verizon hotspot 
  1. Turn on Devices, Chromebook and Hotspot (Booting up takes a while)
  2. On the Chromebook, At the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  3. Click on the Bubble where the battery level and time is shown.
  4. Click on the text below the wifi icon (curved lines) 
  5. Select Network- It will start with HC (You can press on the power button to cycle through it will display it)
  6. Your password is located on the device (Tap Power button on the bottom until password is viewable on screen.)
  7. Type in Password exactly as shown.
  8. It will say connected confirm it says you have internet.
  9. If you receive a spinning wheel allow it time to process.
  10. Then sign onto the Chromebook

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